Tuesday, June 21, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Sqwishland Sqwake

We've already seen the Sqwishland capsule toys in a previous Cool Capsules feature. Today sees the Sqwishland Sqwarrot being joined by the Sqwishland Sqwake.

The Sqwake - as the name suggests - is a Sqwishland snake. Like the other toys in the line, it's molded from a soft, squishy plastic (hence the name) that feels not only very soft but also a little sticky...

The sculpt is pretty basic. Essentially he's a piled coil of snakiness with a rattler-style tail and a protruding tongue. There's not a massive amount of detail on either. The rattle has no grooving or texturing and the tongue isn't - as you'd expect it to be - forked. It's almost like a child's rendering of a snake, which is fine, given these are toys for kids and the cute factor needs to be upheld.

This Sqwake is a ''Common'' Sqwishlander, according to the Gallery and, as such, features a limited paint app: in this case, his eyes. The sculpt shows a lot of potential for colour and it's a shame the tongue isn't painted, for example. On the plus side though, the eyes are rendered as vertical ''snake eye'' slits, which is a nice touch.

If you like capsule toys of animals or find the idea of the Sqwishland Online game appealing, then these toys aren't bad value for money. They're not the greatest of sculpts or paint apps and the continual use of ''sqw''-names is a little annoying but you could do a lot worse for your Quarter.

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