Monday, August 15, 2011

NEWS: Matty Collector August Releases On Sale Today

Just a reminder - in case you missed our story on Friday - that today sees the release of the Masters of the Universe Classics' Man-E-Faces, Gygor, Beast Man (Re-issue) and Megator, the Justice League Unlimited Green Lantern Origins three-pack and the Ghostbusters ''Ready to Believe You'' Egon Spengler figures at

Be prepared for the entire Internet to grind to a halt as collectors and nostalgia buffs do their best to score these figures, which will be available from Noon EST.


  1. i really like how Beast Man and Man-e Faces are much like the original figures with just a little bit better body proportions and articulation. they are improved figures and yet sentimental at the same time.

  2. I agree - they've done a great job updating them without changing the essence of the character.


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