Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NEWS: Matty Collector's February Releases on Sale Today

Just a quick reminder that today is the day for Matty Collector fans, as their inventory of February releases goes on sale today from noon (PST.) Items available include the Masters of the Universe Classics Sorceress, Fearless Photog and Stratos, plus Voltron's Red Lion and Lance and the Blazing Sword Voltron.


  1. Outside of Fearless Photog and the Sorceress not a very strong sale i don't think.

    1. I think they both sold out within a couple of hours of going on sale. I think Fisto is also just about gone, too.

  2. I picked up Fisto, he was the only one I wanted. I was checking the site every once in a while so I know Fisto sold out within 30 minutes, and the Sorceress within an hour.

    I was pretty burned out on MOTUC, but Fisto is one of my all-time favorite characters, so he is a must. I'll probably get Stinkor too. Thunderpunch He-man, Slushhead and Horde Prime all seem cool to me, but I'm not sure which ones, if any, I'll end up getting. Really, after Stinkor I will have all the characters I was holding out for.

    Well....actually I guess I need Ninjor and Jitsu too...but then I'm really done:)

  3. Wow, I didn't realise they'd gone THAT quickly. I saw updates on Twitter about it but thought they'd taken longer than that.

    And yeah, plastic crack!


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