Monday, September 17, 2012

REVIEW: SLUG Zombies Series 2 - Dr Outbreak

Produced by JAKKS Pacific | Released August 2012

Previous Job: Mad Scientist
Likes: Viruses, Monkeys & Mutations
Dislikes: Modern Medicine
Favorite Food: Spine Soufflé

SLUG Zombies Series 2 - Dr Outbreak
Our continuing Reviews of the SLUG Zombies Series 2 line-up sees us taking a look today at the - presumable - cause of the zombie infection: the self-confessed mad scientist and monkey-experimenter, Dr Outbreak...

Sculpt & Design
Dr Outbreak is pretty much everything you'd expect from a mad scientist, with his crazy, unkempt hair, protective goggles, lab coat and - in a nice little nod to a certain TV Science Guy - a bow tie (because bow ties are cool.) And just in case you weren't entirely sure about his profession, he comes with a beaker and test tube in either hand, so there's no mistaking just who - or what - he is: a mad scientist from wild-haired head to turned-in toe. 

The execution of the design is great, with all the detail touches on his torn clothing, insane expression and crazed genius accessories being superbly well sculpted and cast. He's a figure that, the more you study him, the more detail you spot, from not just the lab coat pocket but the pen within to the shirt buttons, belt buckle and uneven teeth.

Although his pose is superb, with a superb slack-jawed look about his face and a shambling stance, I did find Dr Outbreak could be difficult to get to remain upright. Applying a little pressure and giving him a slight bend did help but he would eventually return to his slightly less-stable pose and fall. Give him a run under warm water and you should be able to re-pose him without any problems.

Final Thoughts
Dr Outbreak is a great, fun character - with the emphasis on character. There's nothing quite like a movie-style mad scientist and JAKKS Pacific's designers have done a near-perfect job with Dr Outbreak. The concept is simple and instantly recognizable but there's also a ton of additional details that help to keep you engaged once you've ''got'' what he's about, all of which are superbly well-sculpted and cast with the accuracy we've come to expect from the line.

The only minor drawback I found was that the good doctor's pose makes him a little unstable. I'm guessing he got a little bent in his packaging and - as a result - he's a little unsteady on his feet. As I mentioned above though, an immersion in warm water and a little bit of pressure will allow you to adjust his pose and make him a little less prone to falling over. Or you could just stand him against a wall...

Minor stability issue aside, Dr Outbreak is a fun, highly-detailed, great-looking figure with a lot of personality and character.

Final Score: A-

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