Friday, March 14, 2014

FEATURE: LoEB - My Latest Obesssion

After taking a break for a while, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is back! 

The League of Who With the What Now?
As it's been a while since the League convened, it's probably worth taking a moment to explain just what the whole deal is. The brainchild of Brian at Cool and Collected, The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is an affiliation of writers who get together every week to blog about a specific topic or theme. Then we share our pieces with our fellow members and, in return, share a selection of their entries, thus spreading around the bloggy goodness. It's free to join, it's fun and it's a great way to meet new enthusiasts and introduce yourself to another site's readership. So why not join in?

Anyway, now we're all up to speed, let's take a look at this week's assignment:

True Heroes/True Legends
Right now I'm obsessed with Toys R Us' rebrand of the Chap Mei action figures, specifically the True Legends toys, which are themed around fantasy and mythological characters. You may have already seen our Review of the Heroes of Olympus four-figure set but you can be sure that you'll see more of these guys - and the military-themed True Heroes toys - at That Figures very soon...

Mega Bloks Call of Duty
I love Lego. I love GI Joe. So why - when I saw a series of Lego-style construction sets featuring GI Joe-esque vehicles and figures - did I not immediately jump onboard? Because I'm stupid, that's why.
Again, like the True Heroes/Legends toys, there'll be a whole lot more of these figures and sets appearing on That Figures over the coming weeks. That is, if we can break away from playing with them for long enough to put together a Review!

My New Toy Room
It's still very much a work-in-progress but my new toy room is coming together rather nicely (especially now I've embraced how much fun a more chaotic mix of toys can be) and - once I've got another couple of shelf units in there - I should have plenty of space to display my collection. Although it's smaller than my previous space, I'm going to use positive Realtor sales spin and describe it as ''cozy.'' Plus I don't have to move my head so far to see everything, which is a definite plus for the collector on the go...
But they're, you know, for kids! Damn right they are! And that's what makes them so much fun! 
Packed with retro-references, neatly constructed and a lot of fun, the Imaginext toys are easy to overlook due to their simple packaging and chunky, childish designs but they're quite simply one of the most joyously retro-fun lines of toys I've seen in ages.

The Hare & The Moon
Not in the least bit toy related but my new musical obsession is The Hare & The Moon, a musical collective who create incredibly atmospheric, creepy folk music. 

SLUG Zombies
I mentioned them above and this is really more of an old-new obsession, but I still find it a huge injustice that this line of Keshi-style figures didn't find a bigger audience. With their amazingly detailed sculpts, great gross-out humor and fantastically collectible vibe they're a line that really deserves to be more widely known.
(We'll be doing our part to keep the SLUG Zombie line alive by completing our Review index over the coming months...)

So what of my fellow League Members?

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