Monday, February 16, 2015

REVIEW: Crashlings Monsters Spell Shooter

Crashlings Monsters
As you probably know, if you read our earlier Review of the Crashlinga Aliens Chew F O, these super-fun little collectibles come in a variety of different sub-groups. We've already seen an Alien but today it's the turn of one of the line's black Meteor characters, the Monsters - specifically, the wonderfully witchy Spell Shooter.

Spell Shooter
Spell Shooter is a great - albeit perhaps a a shade too obvious - witch figure. The sculpt is immediately identifiable as a broom-riding sorceress, with everything from her pointed (and crooked) hat, straggly hair, Jack O' Lantern grin and broom at her side - all great little details.
You may have noticed this is the Gold Spell Shooter, meaning it's the Special Edition version of the figure - so she's rare beyond Ultra-Rare! Woohoo! I found this figure in a single toy pack (rather than as part of a multi-pack) but I've no idea how the odds are stacked in each pack.
Like the other Crashlings, Spell Shooter comes with her rubber-sided Meteor ball packaging (which can be ''popped through'' and then launched into the air) and a collector sheet.
And... that's pretty much it!

Final Thoughts
You'll have to excuse the brevity of this Review but in all honesty, I can't really add anything to what the above images will tell you about Spell Shooter. She's a great, cackling, evil-looking witch figure and although she's metaphorically painted with broad strokes (both in terms of character and sculpting) and it would have been nice to see them go a little further with her design, she's still a really fun little figure that most definitely ''reads'' as a witch and - ultimately - that's the most important thing.

Without sounding like a spoiled child, part of me wishes I'd got a fully painted version of the figure, as I think she'd look great with some color to pick out her details. But I'm certainly not going to complain about finding a Special Edition, as that's not only awesome but she also looks pretty cool in solid gold.

If you're a fan of minifigures or monsters, then you should definitely check out the Crashling Monsters series, as they're really a lot of fun. And don't worry - if monsters aren't your thing there are also Dino, Alien, Sea Life and Insect Crashlings to collect - something I'd encourage all fans of minifigures to do.

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