REVIEW INDEX: Marvel Figures

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends is Hasbro's latest line of figures. Like the Marvel Universe line, there are a number of sub-categories, usually themed around Marvel movies or specific characters, outside of the ''core'' Legends line. The Marvel Legends figures stand at approximately 6''.

Target-Exclusive Marvel Legends 3-Pack 
Ms. Marvel
Ultimate Captain America
Radioactive Man

Spider-Man (2015 ''Hobgoblin'' BAF Wave)
Classic Spider-Man

Marvel Universe
The Marvel Universe line - which has now been superseded by the new Infinite Line - features 1:18th scale representations of various Marvel characters. In addition to the ''core'' line, Hasbro also launched a number of movie tie-in sub-themes, plus an assortment of multi-figure packs.

Marvel Universe - 2009
001 Iron Man (Extremis Armor)
002 Spider-man (Dark Red/Blue Variant)
003 Silver Surfer
005 Black Panther
008 Daredevil
010 Bullseye (2011 Reissue)
011 Human Torch (Light Blue/Black Costume)
013 The Hulk
015 The Green Goblin
016 Ronin
017 Iron Fist
018 Spider-man (Black Costume)
019 The Thing
020 The Punisher (Modern Costume)
021 Iron Man (Classic Red and Gold Armour)
022 Ms. Marvel (Dark Avengers/Classic Costume)
023 Ms. Marvel (Modern/Black Costume)
024 Hand Ninja (2011 Reissue)
025 Electro
026 Union Jack
027 Moon Knight
028 Red Hulk
029 Blade
030 Hobgoblin
031 Guardian
034 Namor, The Submariner

Marvel Universe - 2010
Note: Numbering reset with this wave.
003 Warpath (Red/Black Costume)
004 Jean Grey
005 Sunfire
006 The Vision
009 Luke Cage (Modern Costume, Black Shirt)
010 Bucky
011 Black Widow (Natalia Romanova version)
012 Thor (Modern Costume)
013 Colossus
014 Juggernaut
015 Archangel
016 AIM Soldier
017 Kitty Pride
018 Havok (Modern Costume)
019 Iron Patriot (Unmasked Variant)
020 The Wrecker
021 Iron Spider-man
022 Winter Soldier (Short Hair)
023 Mary Jane Watson
024 Skrull Soldier
025 Constrictor
026 Captain Britain
028 Multiple Man
029 Mystique
030 Ghost Rider
031 Dark Hawkeye
032 Yellowjacket
033 Iron Man 2020
034 Thanos

Marvel Universe - 2011
Note: Numbering reset with this wave.
001 Captain Marvel
002 Doc Samson
003 World War Hulk
004 Modular Armor Iron Man (AKA Bleeding Edge Armour)
005 Spider-Man 2099
006 Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
007 Cable
009 Apocalypse
011 Gladiator
012 Doctor Strange
013 Falcon
014 Scarlet Spider
016 Skaar
018 Darkhawk
019 Sub-Mariner
020 X-23
021 Steve Rogers Captain America

Marvel Universe - 2012
Note: Numbering reset with this wave.
008 Kraven the Hunter
011 Beta-Ray Bill
012 She-Hulk
014 Future Foundation Spider-Man
015 Kang
016 Scarlet Witch

Marvel Universe 2013
022 Professor X
023 Jubilee
024 Blastaar

Three-Figure Packs
Guardians of the Galaxy (Rocket Racoon, Groot, Drax and Star-Lord)
Fantastic Four (Future Foundation Variation)
The Inhumans

Gigantic Battles Wave 1 (Walmart Exclusive)
Goliath (Blue/Yellow Costume) and Iron Man (Pointed Mask Costume)
Giant Skrull and Captain America (Bucky Version)

Gigantic Battles Wave 2 (Walmart Exclusive)
Savage Frost Giant and Loki

Marvel Masterworks 
001 Galactus (with Silver Surfer)
002 Sentinel (with Wolverine)

Soldiers and Henchmen (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Agent of HYDRA
Hand Ninja (White Costume) - Now renamed as ''Chaste Ninja.''

Secret Wars 25th Anniversary
Issue #1: Captain America and Klaw
Issue #2: Wolverine and Human Torch (Flame On! Variant)
Issue #3: Spider-man (Red/Blue Costume) and Thunderball
Issue #4: The Hulk (Classic 80s look) and Cyclops
Issue #5: Storm (Mohawk Costume) and Nightcrawler
Issue #6: Mr Fantastic and Ultron
Issue #7: Iron Man (Jim Rhodes) and Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)
Issue #8: Black Costume Spider-man (with blue highlights) and Magneto
Issue #9: Hawkeye and Piledriver
Issue #10: Absorbing Man and Doctor Doom
Issue #11: Thor (Classic Costume) and The Enchantress
Issue #12: Bulldozer and The Thing (Briefs Costume)

Marvel's Greatest Battles Comic Packs
Dark Wolverine and Dark Spider-Man
Cyclops and Dark Phoenix
Spider-Man and Sentry
Wolverine and Silver Samurai
Deadpool and Taskmaster


Captain America: The First Avenger Comic Series
Wave 1
03 Captain America Battlefield

Wave 2
06 Captain Britain
08 Red Skull
09 US Agent

Deluxe Mission Packs
04 Marvel's Hydra Soldier Dark Threat

Captain America: The First Avenger Comic Packs (Target Exclusive)
Captain America vs Crossbones

Iron Man 2 Comic Series
022 First Appearance Iron Man
023 War Machine
025 Crimson Dynamo
027 Hulkbuster Iron Man
029 Guardsman
031 Titanium Man
034 Iron Man (Silver Centurion Armour)
035 (Classic) Iron Monger

Fury of Combat Four Pack
Iron Man Mark VI, Nick Fury, 2x Ground Assault Drones (Toys R Us Exclusive)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Comic Series - Wave 1

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Comic Series - Wave 3

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deluxe Series - Wave 1
Sabretooth and Blob

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