Thursday, November 17, 2011

NEWS: New ThunderCats 4'' Scale Vehicles

As if yesterday's sneak peek of the upcoming 6'' ThunderCats Classic figures wasn't enough, how about an advanced look at what the 4'' line has in store?

MTV Geek sat down with Bandai brand manager Amanda Burns to take a look at two upcoming vehicles set to launch next year, the Mumm-Ra Storm Charger and the Armor of Omens.

The Mumm-Ra Storm Charger is designed as a counter-point to the previously-released ThunderTank. Included with the vehicle is a newly-sculpted Mumm-Ra figure, which features a light-up palm effect activated using the ThunderLynx system. When piloting the Storm Charger, these palm-lights also cause the vehicle's top-mounted ''eyes'' to illuminate. Very cool!

The second release is the Armor of Omens, as seen in the flashback episode Legacy in which Lion-O - entering the body of his ancestor Leo - battled the evil Mumm-Ra and used the power of the Sword of Omens to summon some seriously powerful protection in the form of the aforementioned Armor of Omens.

The set includes a gold ''variant'' Lion-O as the vehicle pilot (presumably the costs of creating a Leo figure were too high) that again unlocks a variety of ThunderLynx features, including light-up eyes and sound effects.

Read the full interview at MTV Geek and don't forget to tune-in to the Cartoon Network tomorrow night at 8:30PM EST for another new ThunderCats episode.


  1. I want that Mumm-Ra Storm Charger! And am not even one to buy things such as this. Just too awesome.

  2. It is pretty awesome, isn't it?


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