Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NEWS: Gold Dober's Flight Commander

You may recall last year we featured the work of Micronauts-inspired toy creator Gold Dober and his awesome Biotron/Robotman figure, Roboid. Well he's back with a new project in the form of the equally-incredible Flight Commander.

As Gold Dober himself explains:

[Flight] Commander is a 3 3/4" Force Commander remake. 

Original Force Commander [left] and Flight Commander
The head is a hand sculpt is by Michael Jaecks. He did this some time ago and volunteered the use of it for this project. MicroBry donated the GEEG figure.

The thighs were re-engineered and sculpted by me and a different torso was used. In fact its the same torso that I used for Roboid. I eliminated all the hardware including the internal O ring and made the chest one solid piece. I replaced the GEEG arm pin with the same arm pin that I used on Roboid. I then used the fists from a basic Microman figure. These figures come with 5 different sets of hands. By using them, if one wanted, they could swap out the fists I made and customize it with Microman hands and equip him with weapons. :~)

Included with this figure will be a fully functional Glider Pack. The glider pack is from the Hero Space Glider and is clear red with gold chrome. I have replaced the dark red clear wings with white ones that I made. This will be included with the figure along with the ATR 90 day warranty and lifetime guarantee. If anything breaks in the first 90 days, you simply pay the shipping and I will no questions asked, repair or replace. The Lifetime warranty means as long as I am alive, you will be able to get replacement parts beyond the 90 warranty for a small fee.

I am making a run of 20 that will be sold thru my blog. 1 will be auctioned off on Ebay, and there are a few more that will be made as gifts to those who have contributed to the project. Unlike Roboid, I am distinguishing the figures this time. There will be 2 sets of numbered figures. The run of 20 and the gift figures. Each set will be marked differently but all will be numbered and signed. The same with the Ebay figure. All in all..maybe 28 figures in total..give or take.

Actual release date is to be determined, but expect early spring. Maybe March. the price is yet to be determined but it will be slightly more than Roboid. 

Gold Dober has also enlisted Microman/Micronauts guru Bryan ''MicroBry'' Wilkinson to provide the packaging and artwork. Bryan served as consultant and CG designer for the Palisades Micronauts relaunch of 2002.

You can track Gold Dober's progress at the Micronauts Homeworld blog.


  1. Just received my Flight Commander figure! Pictures don't do it justice, I am floored that this is real; the toy (and box art) is just...perfect. Cannot wait for the Sultan (Karza scaled)!

    1. Awesome! Although I expected nothing less. Gold Dober's dedication to his work is phenomenal.


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