Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NEWS: Kwinn Cancelled... Again?

Fan-favourite GI Joe figure Kwinn was originally intended to be released as part of the GI Joe 30th Anniversary line-up. But just before the figures hit retail Hasbro announced that Kwinn - and the Data-Viper - would not make the final cut.

Hasbro assured fans that the figure would ''somehow'' make it, most recently stating at last year's New York Comic Con that he was being lined-up as next year's NYCC-exclusive figure. Now A Real American Hero brings us the news fresh from the New York Toy Fair that Hasbro has just announced they will not be attending the 2012 NY Comic Con.


  1. I swear they are doing this on purpose. Just give the fan what they want dang it.

    1. I know, it's annoying. Unless the movie line is a huge hit and Hasbro starts doing a ''Classics'' and a ''Modern'' line or something, I doubt we're going to see Kwinn at retail.


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