Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NEWS: Toy Fair 2012 - Jakks Pacific's SLUG Zombies Gallery and Video

We knew they were coming, but here's our first in-depth look the upcoming Scary Little Ugly Guys Zombies figures from Jakks Pacific.

As reported at MTVGeek, the SLUG Zombies are a line of 2'' tall comedy-themed horror figures in the style of the awesome 80s mini-figures as MUSCLE or Monster In My Pocket.

SLUG Zombie figures come in two colours - pink/flesh for ''living'' figures and garish green for the undead. Blind-boxed figures (in an awesome coffin-themed box) retail at $1.99, with three-figure, clear packs ($3.99) and twelve packs ($9.99) also featuring. Interestingly, Jakks Pacific describe the SLUG Zombies as the ''first wave'' and that the ''Zombie'' theme is specific to these figures. The next wave will feature ''Aliens'' and future themes will be announced at a later date.

I'm a massive fan of small-scale, blind-bagged collectible figures like this so when I hear that the MUSCLE line was a big influence on the designers and that there'll be around 100 figures in this first wave - including chase variants - then you'll understand why I'm incredibly excited about this new line.

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber. Watch this video and then check-out the gallery below.

The first wave of SLUGs will be on shelves next month. Ahead of that, here's a gallery of some of the coolest-looking figures, but you can see more at MTVGeek.


  1. With the OMFG little toys and these....I may have to start a new collection...

    1. I'll certainly be picking up a few of these guys. That $12-for-10 pack (if MTVGeek has that right) is an amazing price!

  2. There is going to be a rampage for these and am going to be a part of it!


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