Saturday, February 11, 2012

NEWS: Toy Fair 2012 - Star Wars Gallery

Despite what you may think from reading That Figures today, there were other toys revealed at the New York Toy Fair. Here's a round-up of the latest from the Star Wars line.

There's a gallery and report at Action Figure Insider that does a much better job presenting these toys than we ever could but here's our top picks.

Action Figure Insider: New Vintage Star Wars
Action Figure Insider: Star Wars MTT Droid Transport
Action Figure Insider: Jar Jar Frozen!

In addition, The ToyArk is our go-to guy - well, site - for more Star Wars-y goodness, including the - I have to admit - very cool Darth Maul, some Star Wars Fighter Pod figures mini-figures/capsule toys, some neat-o vehicles and all your favourite ''blink and you'll miss them'' characters such as Gvik Ploom, Chonk Wanghanger and the other one.

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