Monday, July 9, 2012

NEWS: Flight Commander Now Available

We're huge fans of Gold Dober's Micronaut-inspired toys here at That Figures but I don't think anybody was prepared for just how incredible his latest creation - the Flight Commander - looks.

Based upon 1977's Magno Force Commander, Gold Dober's Flight Commander is an ''in-scale'' (i.e. approximately 3 3/4'' tall) version of the character, complete with a Space Glider/Dash Wing-style backpack.

Anybody who's been following Gold Dober's progress on this piece will know he's suffered a few setbacks and had some obstacles to overcome but thankfully he's been able to complete work on these phenomenally cool toys and they're now available to order from the man himself. Featuring artwork by Bryan ''MicroBry'' Wilkinson, each Flight Commander (of which there are only FIFTEEN) comes in his own specially-created packaging and includes Gold Dober's lifetime repair guarantee, all for just $99 (plus S&H.)

Act fast, though, as Gold Dober's work is always in high demand.

Micronauts Homeworld: Flight Commander Release Date and Ordering

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