Thursday, September 19, 2013

NEWS: Clone O' Forms Drop Next Week!

As regular readers will know, we love our Micronauts at That Figures. And we're big fans of Keshi-style minifigures. So you'll therefore understand completely why we're looking forward to this latest drop from BigManToys, creators of the awesome Clone O'Forms.

Featuring this amazing-looking Chrome O'Forms five-figure set (pictured above) and individual chrome versions of Mem'loss and Batt'l Bruiser plus a fantastic Kesh-E-Face Clone O'Forms figure, the drop is also to include a Flesh Four Pack (featuring Batt'l Bruiser, Micro-Keshi, Rip-Toe and Mem'loss), with each character rendered in retrolicious MUSCLE-pink resin.

So be sure to hit the BigManToys online store this coming Monday, September 23rd at 6PM EDT.

BigManToys Store Clone O'Forms

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