Tuesday, October 15, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 10/15/2013

And IN OTHER NEWS... a look ahead at tonight's Agents of SHIELD, we get all clairvoyant with sneak peek at The Tomorrow People's episode 2, Arrow gets a couple of new trailers, SyFy launches another reality competition show and more!

The CW's awesome superhero origin series, Arrow, returned last week - with a bang (and for those coming late to the party, Netflix has just added Season 1 to its Watch Instantly collection, so you've no excuse NOT to catch up.) Anyway, the excitement looks to continue, if these new promos are anything to go by...

Face Off
In tonight's episode - which sees the remaining contestants creating scary-funny creatures - Roy will no doubt once again either win the Foundation Challenge or create the best creature but yet again be runner up to one of the girls, who will encounter a problem and then overcome it. Seriously, much as I love seeing what the competitors are going to come up in each episode, the story team need to really get a little more creative.

Find out tonight at 9PM EST on SyFy.

Agents of SHIELD
Good news for fans of Coulson and Company - ABC has ordered an additional 9 episodes of the show for the inaugural season, bringing the count to 22. Oh and here's a look at tonight's episode, Eye Spy.

Things aren't looking too good for SyFy's latest reality offering, with the show being shunted back to the 11PM EST slot (and - if my EPG is to be believed - a back-to-back, let's-just-get-it-out-of-the-way 2-episode finale rounding everything off next week.) Which is a shame, as - despite the occasional over reliance on cliches - it's been a fun show. Anyway, here's a look at tonight's episode, in which Face Off's Eric Fox makes a guest appearance.

The Tomorrow People
The pilot may have been a little wishy-washy at first - and it lacked the psychedelic spookiness of the original series  (although the Tower Bridge poster was a nice callback) -  but I see promise in this new show from The CW, a channel that's become the new home of genre TV. Anyway, here's a look ahead at tomorrow's episode, which airs at 9PM EST.

Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge
Face Off has proven to be a runaway hit for SyFy, so it's not surprising to see them attempting to replicate its success. Although Hot Set was an interesting concept, the use of different teams each week was a step too far from the tried-and-tested ''your favorite contestants are eliminated each week'' formula and the upcoming Naked Vegas is being hampered by a marketing campaign based around the titillation factor of painting nude people. But SyFy could now have found a new angle for the concept, with their upcoming - albeit horribly titled - Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge.

As reported at THR, this new show will feature a group of contestants who, each week, will design, build and then operate an animatronic creation, with the offer of $100,000 and a job with the world-famous creature workshop being on offer to the winner.

No word on an exact air date but expect to see the show sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

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