Monday, March 21, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: McDonalds Happy Meal ''Young Justice'' Black Manta

McDonalds - a fast-food chain who with a few outlets around the world - is currently running a Young Justice promotion, in which their Happy Meal packs contain toys from the animated series. 

Young Justice
Young Justice - for those (like me) unfamiliar with the show - is an animated series running on the Cartoon Network. The basic plot follows the adventures of a team of teenage superheroes - the titular Young Justice - and their battles with a variety of enemies. They no doubt also learn valuable life lessons along the way...

The McDonalds promotion features eight characters from the show: Batman, Superman, Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Captain Cold and my figure, Black Manta. Each toy has its own play features, as seen here.

Black Manta
Black Manta is articulated at the shoulders only. The sculpt is relatively simple but in-keeping with the angular style of the animated show and there's enough ''broad stroke'' detail here to make the toy more interesting than it first appears, with chest and shoulder detailing being quite eye-catching.

I'm strangely reminded of the Jaffa from Stargate.

Black Manta's special play feature comes in the form of light-up electronics. When a small button on his back is pressed (after the power switch is slid to the ''ON'' position) his eyes glow a deep fiery red. It's actually almost flashlight-like in its intensity. Well, not quite but you can project the glow onto surfaces from a distance of about three to four inches, so the lights are quite powerful.

Beyond that, there's very little else to say. The figure feels sturdy enough but there's not really much else to it. I'm sure DC and Young Justice fans (and of course, kids!) will enjoy this toy, but for me, he's just something that was in with my chicken nuggets.

And OK, so he's not strictly a capsule toy, but given how few Happy Meals I eat, I'm not going to dedicate an entire new line of features to that!

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  1. Wow, I guess he doesn't look too bad either. I wonder how his electronics work underwater :)

  2. That's not something I fancy testing, personally... :)

  3. Neat looking but not something i really care for. I just don't collect kids meal toys unless i can find some of those universal monster toys that Burger King had out a few years back.

  4. Yeah, this was purely a side-effect of my order - my wife was picking up some chicken nuggets and they gave her Happy Meals. :)


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