Monday, May 16, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Freaky Geek Herbert

Herbert is the latest addition to my Freaky Geeks collection (we've already seen Knuckles and Cy-Fi in previous Cool Capsules features.) I was initially disappointed with the two previous Freaky Geeks but decided to give the line another go. So how does Herbert compare to his pod-mates?

My biggest issue with the figures was their paintwork - or lack thereof in most cases. Take a look at this image, which is used in the Freaky Geeks promotional materials and shows the toys as they appear on the insert card in the vending machine:

Now look at the actual toys I've received:

I've since learned - thanks to Ron of Ron's Random Stuff - that the fully-painted versions of the toys do indeed exist but seem to be ''rares'' and from my experiences it appears that each figure seems to have three different variants, based on how detailed their paint app is. Whilst the above two figures are the most basic, I'm pleased to say that the subject of today's Cool Capsules, Herbert - whilst not fully-painted - has a little more detail.

Herbert is a great-looking ''classic'' monster, with his huge jaws, sharp teeth and pimply skin he simply oozes grossness. Kids will love him.

I love the basic design of Herbert (probably because I'm just a big kid). Despite his grossness and scary qualities, he's also got a very lovable look about him, thanks to his puppy eyes and cheeky smile. Like Cy-Fi, his expression appears to change depending which side you view him from. His left eye is more open and lends a fun, friendly aspect to him but his left eye is narrowed and it gives him a predatory, almost shark-like look.

The mouth is particularly well-sculpted, with rows of razor-sharp teeth set into a jaw that appears powerful and muscular. Speaking of which, his arms are also nicely cut and there are some great details on his feet and hands and unlike Cy-Fi, Herbert's body is as well finished as his face. I especially like his rolled-up shirt sleeves and the fact that he has a navel.

Whilst his mold lines aren't as harsh as the other figures I've seen in the line, they are still present. There are also a nasty injection marks on his left foot and some gouges in his back.

Although Herbert has more detail in his paintwork that my Knuckles and Cy-Fi, it's still not a complete app. If you look at the ''rare'' version, you'll see his teeth are painted, something that's lacking from my Herbert. It's also worth noting that the app on his shirt is very sloppy. The paint barely covers the plastic beneath and is very sloppily applied, with run-offs over the edges and very poorly defined boundaries. It's too bad that the paintwork - instead of enhancing the sculpt - actually cheapens the figure's look.

The Freaky Geeks are a lot of fun and there are some great designs, including Herbert. It's just a shame the quality control is so lacking. I really wish they'd either issue them fully-painted to the quality of those shown on the vending machine frontage or completely unpainted, as the decision to issue semi-painted figures actually does more harm to the line than good, especially when the finish is as poor as it is with my Herbert. I'll certainly be looking to pick-up more Freaky Geeks, as the basic figures are great and each comes with a lot of personality. It's just too bad they're not better finished. 

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