Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NEWS: Win a Box of Toys from Halfbad!

The guys at Halfbad Toyz posted an update today containing some very cool news about their upcoming releases, plans and current their projects. Although you can check it out for yourself, the update confirms that Skekiltor is back in stock (following a minor casting issue that held-up production for a couple of days), that the Smash Tokyo Toys-collaboration Seismic Centurion is almost imminent and also includes a reminder that the exclusive violet glow-in-the-dark Podiagon pre-order ends soon.

They're also offering a box of toys (or should that be ''Toyz?'') to one random blog Follower if they can make it to 100. As of today the number stands at 59, so there's a little way to go but hopefully when word gets out not just of this giveaway but also about how cool the Halfbad Toyz projects are, we'll see that number rise as more people join Halfbad's Army.

We'll bring you more on the Seismic Centurion and Halfbad's other releases when we get it but in the meantime you can read the update for yourself.


  1. No more "lurking" for me Kev am a follower over there now. : )

  2. Awesome! They're doing some great stuff and it's always fun to see what's coming next.

  3. Adam is good people! I think I'm going to need to get some more of their work real soon!

  4. Couldn't agree with you more, Luke!


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