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REVIEW: GI Joe Rise of Cobra - Deep Six

Produced by Hasbro | Released 2009

Deep Six is a combat diver and underwater explosives expert for the GI Joe team. He's conducted missions in tropical waters and polar seas, giving him the knowledge and skills to help the team successfully attack the secret MARS Industries facility in the Arctic.

Packaging Shots

Deep Six
Let's get this straight out in the open: Deep Six is a repainted reissue of 2008's 25th Anniversary figure, Lt. Torpedo. Aside from the oversized weapon and a slightly modified paint job, the two are identical, right down to sharing the same head/face sculpt. Although some fans may be upset at this (and the fact that Deep Six is no longer a deep sea diver) on the plus-side, Hasbro at least chose a pretty solid figure to reissue and if you weren't fortunate enough to find a Lt. Torpedo first time around, then Deep Six is a very good alternative.

The core sculpt is pretty good for what he is. Diving suits are generally pretty featureless to minimise drag and that's the case here, although the designers have added a couple of nice details such as piping/edging on the torso, cuff/wrist detailing and a set of pouches on his shoulders. There's also a knife sheath on his right leg (with removable knife) and a holster on his left, into which the included pistol fits (very snuggly.)

Unfortunately there are a couple of ''production nicks'' on my figure. I'm not sure how widespread this issue is, but the right shoulder and elbow both feature scrubbed/pocked areas. There's also a large ''BR"' stamped on the elbow (for whatever reason) which I think I can safely assume isn't limited to my figure.

The figure's removable mask and SCUBA pack are so integral to his look that I'll include them here. They both look superb, with the mask featuring a clear visor and some cool mouthpiece detailing. The backpack is also much more detailed than you'd expect, featuring air tanks and what appear to be two micro-torpedoes. The mask and SCUBA pack are connected via a breathing tube that's molded to fit perfectly between the two. A definite plus.

Remove the mask and you're greeted with Deep Six's exposed face. There's something about the hood and face design that reminds me of a Jack Kirby design, but I don't know why. It just has that 60s Marvel kind of look about it. The actual sculpt is fine for what it is, although his head does look a little skinny, presumably due to the lack of hair or ears. He also has a little bit of a worried expression on his face, so it's probably best to keep the mask on.

Articulation is good, with Deep Six's skinny body sculpt meaning there are no protruding or bulky parts to get in the way whilst moving the figure's limbs. He can easily grip his spear gun in both hands, for example and the leg joints are especially free-moving, allowing you to achieve some great ''swimming'' poses when you play with him. Even the mask doesn't get in the way and it's possible to move his head into various poses without too much trouble. The only minor point I found was that his elbow joints seem slightly more restrictive than I'd expect them to be. It's not a major issue but it is odd that he can't bend them beyond about a 60 degree angle.

Paint is nicely designed but the application is a little lacking. The deep blues and greys of the painted segments (such as the chest and arms) look great and are a nice echo of the GI Joe ''Base Camo'' used by other figures in the line. Surprisingly though, it also works as an Arctic diver ''camo'' and adds some detail to what could have been a relatively bland uniform.

Although the camouflage is nicely applied, there are a few splodges and messy lines around the ankle and wrist piping. Facial detail is reasonably well-applied though, with no real issues.

Deep Six comes with - as mentioned- a removable mask, breathing tube and SCUBA pack. In addition to this the pack includes a pistol, a dagger, a spear gun, flippers and an oversized, firing weapon (as seen with most Rise of Cobra figures.)

On the whole the accessories are very good. The sculpt accommodates the knife and pistol nicely, giving you a place to store them when not in use and the SCUBA gear all fits - and stays - together well. The flippers are also a good fit and - thanks to their own pegs and ports - can be worn and used in conjunction with the included base.

The spear gun fits nicely into his hands and - as mentioned - can easily be displayed in both, simultaneously. And surprisingly, even the oversized, launching weapon isn't too shabby either and it's possible to display Deep Six using it without looking ridiculous.

Final Thoughts
Deep Six is a pretty good figure, overall. If you're looking to buy an explorer/underwater combat guy for a kid to play with then Deep Six is a good choice. The figure - although not the most intricate or well-finished of sculpts - looks good, has plenty of gear (which he can use and stow) and is a lot of fun.

From a collector's point of view there's a fair amount going on here and he looks pretty good on the shelf. There's a well-defined role for him and he conveys it nicely through the sculpt and gear. The accessories work well together and you'll find they do little if anything to restrict the display/pose options on offer.

However - and this will be a pretty major however for some people - Deep Six is simply a repaint of the previously released Lt Torpedo. If you don't own that figure then there's nothing to worry about. Buy this toy and you'll enjoy it. But if you're a die-hard collector and you have Lt Torpedo in your collection I'd imagine it would feel quite galling to buy this figure ''blind'' without knowing the full history. There's nothing wrong with the toy and there's no reason why Deep Six and Lt Torpedo couldn't work side-by-side. After all, a diving suit is a diving suit is a diving suit. Just be aware of what you're buying.

Overall though - minor complaints aside - Deep Six is a pretty good figure. He's not the most exciting or best-produced figure in the line but if you like divers or want an alternative pilot for your Polar Sharc then Deep Six is a solid - if uninspiring - investment.

Production QualityB-
Final ScoreB

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  1. Not too bad of a figure i would pick him up if i ran across him. : )

  2. Yeah, the original Lt Torpedo might show up in Marshall's/TJ Maxx so it's worth keeping an eye out - you never know!


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