Wednesday, August 3, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Freaky Geek Go-Go

It's time for another Freaky Geek Cool Capsule. This time our featured vending machine toy is surf dude - and full-time cyclops - Go-Go.

Go-Go's basic sculpt is actually very good. The designers have clearly hit on a theme that inspired them and everything about Go-Go says ''surf dude,'' from his under-arm slung board and trunks to messy ''dude'' hair and fang. OK, so maybe not the latter but he's a surfing monster, so it's cool to see they didn't forget that.

Detailing is good but the cast is not without its problems. There are some ''chips'' in his hair, a nasty cast line down his arm and it appears some imperfection slipped into mold during the production process, as he has a crack/line down his chin that doesn't look to be intentional.

Unlike the ''chase variant'' version, my Go-Go has very little in the way of paintwork. His pupil is painted but beyond that, there's no paint app to speak of. It's a shame, as the fully-painted version looks pretty cool, with his board, shorts and hair all being nicely detailed. And in just-my-luck fashion, I grabbed two Freaky Geeks from the vending machine and both were the identical, unpainted Go-Go. Oh well, better luck next time.

It's a shame my Go-Go has such a limited paint app, as the sculpt is cool and the surfer concept is well-executed. Go-Go is another very cool addition to the Freaky Geeks line. I'm just hoping next time I can score the fully-painted version.

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