SLUG Zombies
Scary Little Ugly Guys - or SLUG - was a blanket title for a line of retro Keshi-style minifigures released by JAKKS Pacific in 2012. Taking their cues from such lines as Monster in my Pocket and MUSCLE then throwing in some Garbage Pail Kids-style humor, the first set of figures focused on Zombies, with JAKKS Pacific promising to expand the line at a later date to include Alien and Monster figures. There were around 100 figures planned for the Zombie line-up but due to the cancellation of the line, the final roster of officially released figures is actually 74 (including 8 Holiday Special figures that were not originally listed in the 100 figure plan.)

Shared vs Exclusive
To encourage schoolyard trading (or Ebay trading for those of us who no longer attend classes...), the SLUG Zombie packs featured a mix of shared and exclusive figures - the former were available in all packs, with the latter being (as the name suggests) exclusive to specific packs.

To clarify which figures are exclusive to which packs, the following guide is presented in a per-pack basis. As a result there will be duplicate Review links but we feel this is the best way to present the line-up for any potential buyer.

SLUG Zombies Series 1
Series 1 featured four 3-packs, a single 12-pack plus an assortment of blind-box, single figure releases. 

A complete set would require the purchase of Packs A, B, C and D, plus the 12-figure pack.

Pack A:Pack B:
Neil Armsgone (S)Grave Lincoln (S)
Brain Eatin' Brandon (S) Jon B. Gone (S)
Office RIP (E)Headless Halpert (E)

Pack C:Pack D:
The Corroding Kid (S)King Guts (S)
Rigormortis Lourdes(S) Decayin' Dom (S)
Mighty-Bite Mac (E)Piece Mail Pete (E)
Each of the above figures was also available as a single-figure, blind boxed release.

SLUG Zombies Series 2
Series 2 featured four 3-packs, a single 12-pack plus an assortment of blind-box, single figure releases. In this wave, JAKKS Pacific adjusted the ratio of exclusive figures. Series 2 also saw the introduction of the MUSCLE/peach colored humans.

A complete set of Series 2 SLUG Zombies would require the purchase of 3-Figure Packs B and C, plus the 12-Figure pack.

Each of the above figures was also available as a single-figure, blind boxed release.

Series 3
Again, JAKKS Pacific's Series 3 of the SLUG Zombies line featured a 12-figure pack, four three-figure packs plus blind-boxed, single figures.

A complete set of Series 3 figures requires the purchase of the 12-figure pack plus 3-figure packs B, C and D.

Pack A:Pack B:
Tragic Magic (S)Extra Crispy (S)
The Deadlifter (S)Zero Hero (S)
Double-Barrel Carol (S)Riled-Up Riley (E)

Pack C:Pack D:
Trashcan Sam (E)Basehit Bones (S)
Decrepit Katie (E)Jeet Kune Dead (S)
Johnny Two-Guns (S)Woody the Wrecker (E)

Extra Crispy (S)Johnny Two-Guns (S)
The Deadlifter (S)Squeamy Shashimi (E)
Basehit Bones (S)Louie Fingers (E)
Singer Mortis (E)The Towering Terror (E)
Double-Barrel Carol (S)Tragic Magic (S)
Jeet Kune Dead (S)Zero Hero (S)

(S) Shared Release             (E) Exclusive Release

Series 4
Series 4 again featured an assortment of single figure blind-box and multi-pack releases. This time around, two of the 3-packs feature exclusive figures, with the other two including figures shared with the 12-pack.

Pack A:Pack B:
Buckskin Bill (S)Gangrene Gene (E)
English Dead Guard (S)Ferocious Frankie (E)
Gruesome Gabe (S)Johnson (E)

Pack C:Pack D:
Jamaica Me Sick (S)The Brain-Eatin' Barbarian (S)
Dismembered Dennis (S)Moldy Moxie (S)
Sawblade Sampson (S)Play-It-Safe Sammy (E)

The 12-figure pack features the following figures. Again, there are pack-exclusive and shared characters in the multipack.

Gruesome Gabe (S)Sawblade Sampson (S)
Leo the Lifeless (E)Deranged Denise (E)
English Dead Guard (S)The Brain-Eatin' Barbarian(S)
Jamaica Me Sick (S)2-Scoops-Too-Late Steve (E)
Dismembered Dennis (S)Buckskin Bill (S)
Decomposing Dan (E)Moldy Moxie (S)

(S) Shared Release             (E) Exclusive Release

Holiday Specials (Series 5)
A series of Holiday-themed SLUG Zombies were the last wave released, landing at retail in the Winter of 2012. Four three-figure packs were released, featuring four previously released figures and eight new Holiday-themed zombies. All four packs were required to complete the series.

Pack A:Pack B:
Hungry Humbug (E)Ralph Reindead (E)
Nutty Nate (E)Surprise Demise (E)
Captain Payback (S)Blazin' Basel (S)

Pack C:Pack D:
Santa Claws (E)Frozen Fright (E)
Eli the Expired Elf (E)Johnny Hammer-Stix (E)
Gator Jones (S)Buck Wilde (S)

Unreleased Figures
Prior to the line's cancellation JAKKS Pacific sent a number of ''advanced copy'' releases to the various toy sites and publications for Review, including samples of the unreleased Collector Cases.

It's still unclear as to how many of the proposed figures were actually given production runs, but the following is a list of unreleased SLUG Zombies currently in the That Figures collection.

Unreleased Figures (Waves ??)
Glow In The Dark Decayin' DomGlow In The Dark Neil Armgone
Glow In The Dark Bedraggled BenGlow In The Dark Cleopatra Commin' Atcha
Perry PerishFeel My Wrath McGrath
Sir Headless HalpertNot Scot
Unkempt AdamMashed-Up Millet
Dan DoomedRotten Robbie
Oliver Ouch!

Collector Cases
In addition to the pre-release figures, JAKKS Pacific also planned - but did not commercially release - a number of Collector Cases, in which collectors could store their SLUG Zombies.

Each case included 2 Glow In the Dark variants - exclusive to the Cases - from the planned 100 Zombie roster, three of which were based previously released, non-Glow In The Dark figures, with the fourth - Bedraggled Ben - so far only appearing in Glow In The Dark form.

It's worth noting that although each of the 32 spaces within the cases are identical in shape and size, they do feature the image and name of the figure that's intended to sit within the slot (as a kind of visual checklist, one would assume.) From the eclectic mix of characters featured in both cases, it's likely that they are actually proof of concept prototypes and that had they appeared at retail each case's listings would have tallied with the actual figure release order.


  1. I'm looking to complete the collection, do you by any chance have someone that you could put me in touch with to talk to about this?

    Thank you in advance.


    1. If it's OK with you I'll drop you an email and if you let me know which you're missing I'll see what I can do...!


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