Although we have some favorite lines at That Figures, we've also dabbled in some additional ranges of toys, from vending machine prizes to high-end collectibles. Here's an alphabetical index of these Reviews.

Dr Evil Deluxe Figure

Cool Capsules

The Corps!
Connor ''Bolder'' Bradic
Rapid Assault Attack Fighter
Rapid Assault Combat Copter
Terra Team 3-Man Recon Set
Total Soldier Flying Force 3-Man Recon Set
Elite Collection 3-Figure Set (Ogre, Buckshot & Snake Bite)
Elite Collection 3-Figure Set (Dozer, Rain & Puma)
Elite Curse Exo-Battlesuit (with Troll)
Super Soldier Slash
Super Soldier Oculus


DC Unlimited
DC Unlimited The Flash (New 52)
Batman Unlimited Batman (New 52)

Doctor Who

Go-Go's Crazy Bones


McDonalds Happy Meal Toys
McDonalds Happy Meal The Smurfs Smurfette
McDonalds Happy Meal The Smurfs Greedy Smurf
McDonalds Happy Meal The Smurfs Vanity Smurf
McDonalds Happy Meal Young Justice Black Manta

Miscellaneous Reviews
Assemble Borg Mr Assemble
Blinku Micro Monsters
Box O Zombies Series 1
Mars Attacks Trading Cards
Marvel's The Avengers Chibis
Marvel Heroes Chibis
Minimates Calico Jack & The Pirate Raiders - Calico Jack and Tom Brown
MyClone AS-1 Series WM2 King Walder 1
Nodding Toilet Monkey
Skekiltor, The Mace of Hades
The Smurfs Movie Grab 'Ems Grumpy Smurf
ThunderCats 4'' Lion-O
Tron Legacy Black Guard

Monster Marbles


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Newtralizer


Trash Pack Trashies

True Heroes
Smash & ATV

True Legends
Battle Troll
Heroes of Olympus
Hydra & Hercules Playset
Orc Raider Set

Wacky Packages

WWE Create-A-Superstar
Gladiator Pack
Lucha Pack
The Rock

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