Monday, October 31, 2011


So it's nothing at all to do with toys or games or even superheroes or sci-fi but this commercial for the Schnapps-based drink, Metz, is so awesomely appropriate for today that it's impossible not to share it.


GALLERY: Haunted House Busts

Ahead of tonight's fiendish festivities, we're taking a look at these very cool Haunted House busts.

NEWS: NiStuff's Anomalies On Sale

Ni of NiStuff has just released a bunch of new Anomaly figures, just in time for Halloween.

NEWS: Factory Entertainment Unveils Universal Monsters Props

Factory Entertainment - designer and manufacturer of high-end movie prop replicas - has announced two new projects based upon the Universal Monsters classic creature features.

SPONSORED LINK: MODOK Magazine and Figure

From the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection comes this special-edition MODOK Magazine and Figure.

Complete with a huge double-sided poster and 20-page profile magazine, this hand-painted MODOK (that's Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing) is available to pre-order now from Big Bad Toy Store for just $34.99 - that's $3 off the usual RRP.

NEWS: NYCC-Exclusive Compound Hulk Review at Battlegrip

Phillip from was fortunate enough to get his hands on the New York Comic Con-Exclusive Compound Hulk figure from Hasbro. And now he's posted a review of this rather cool-looking figure, which you can read here.

NEWS: Superhero Anthology Wild Cards Getting Big Screen Treatment

Fans of the shared-universe short story series, Wild Cards, will be pleased to hear that a big screen adaptation of the superhero anthology is currently in development.

NEWS: GI Joe Collectors' Club Jinx

The GI Joe Collectors' Club continues to roll-out some top-quality releases for their subscriber-only figure line with the announcement of GI Joe Ninja: Jinx.

VIDEO VIEW: Atomic Martians Toy Reviews Episode 46

It's a Halloween-themed special from the Martians crew, with reviews of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Savage Opress and the Gremlins Flasher from NECA toys.

And as an added bonus, here's an additional round of foulmouthed (and probably offensive to most everyone) fun in the form of the Atomic Martians' Halloween ''epic'' Night of the Living Redneck.

Friday, October 28, 2011

NEWS: Troy Stith's Miscreant Plaque Number 5

Gorilla Mouth's Troy Stith. Designer Con 2011. Miscreants Plaque Number 5. Awesomeness.

NEWS: Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Giveaway

To celebrate the theatrical re-release of spooky 80s comedy and cultural phenomenon, Ghostbusters, Diamond Select Toys is giving away a host of ghostly goodies.

To enter, simply Share the Diamond Select Toys Facebook update or re-Tweet the contest message and you could win prizes including t-shirts, action figures, a light-up Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man statue and more.

Check-out the prizes and contest details at the Art Asylum blog. But act fast, as the contest ends today!

NEWS: Ume Toys' Corey

Meet Corey!

Creared by Ume Toys and released through UK-based ''Visual Culture Outlet'' The Hang Gang (and yes, they do ship outside the UK), this one-off custom piece will be available to order just in time for some apple-bobbing this weekend!

NEWS: DC Universe Online Free To Play Date Announced

Last month we brought you the news that Sony's superhero-themed Massive Multiplayer Online game, DC Universe Online, was moving to a multi-tier subscription service that included a ''free-to-play'' option.

Now Nerd City reports that the game - which is available on PC and PlayStation 3 - will be implementing this new subscription plan from November 1st. So if you've ever fancied mixing it up with Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman you'll soon have the chance to do so for free.

NEWS: Imperfecz Capsulebot

How did I miss this?

Luke from L.Designs, creator of the Imperfecz line of mini-figures, has really knocked the ball out of the park with his latest creation, the Capsulebot. Available next month from Designer Con 2011 - and then later on the Imperfecz online store - the Caspsulebots will be available as ''DIY/Blank'' editions, custom editions and more.

Ahead of that, check-out the gallery of images at the Imperfecz site.

UPDATE: Luke is offering Blank Capsulebots via his Google+ account now, priced at $30 each.

NEWS: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Trailer

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is the fourth in the series of movies based upon the classic 1960s deception-of-the-week adventure show.

When the IMF team is implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, the government is left with no option but to initiate the ''Ghost Protocol'' - disavowing all knowledge of the team or their operations. Wanted for a crime they didn't commit, the team must use their limited resources to find the proof that will clear their names and bring the real culprits to justice.

So nothing like the first Mission: Impossible movie then.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is in theatres from December 21st.

SPONSORED LINK: Femme Fatales Raven Hex PVC Statue

From Diamond Select Toys and the Art Asylum comes the latest in their line-up of Femme Fatales PVC Statues, Raven Hex.

Sister to the previously-released Tarot, Raven Hex believes in the power of magickal supremacy and is not afraid to employ the darker side of magick. Now you can pre-order this 9'' tall PVC statue of Tarot's evil sister from Big Bad Toy Store for the knock-down price of $39.99 - a $5 saving on the regular RRP.

VIDEO VIEW: Toy Break Episode 189: Box Of Awesome

Here's another epic episode of Toy Break, where this week George and Ayleen are joined by Ben from 3D Retro. This installment's updates and reviews include Zombie Dice, WW Bramble and more.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

NEWS: Miscreant Plaque #4

From Gorilla Mouth's Troy Stith comes this teaser image of his upcoming Designer Con 2011 release, Miscreant Plaque #4.

I'm actually quite creeped-out now...

CLASSIC COMMERCIALS: The Masters Of The Universe Horde

Just throwing-out some fodder for The Four Horsemen here...

NEWS: Spanky Stokes' Limited Edition Stroll Cavey

A two-way collaboration from John ''Spanky'' Stokes and Cavey's creator Holly, this awesome logo-to-plush rendition of the Spanky Stokes Stroll mascot comes with his own carrying bag, a bunch of Spanky Stokes ''goodies'' and a black enamel Cavey badge.

The Stroll Cavey is limited to just 10 pieces and will be available from the Cavey booth (#105) at the 2011 Designer Con.

NEWS: Six Million Dollar Man's Bigfoot

Earlier this month we brought you the news that Bif Bang Pow! had secured the rights to produce a line of 8'' tall retro-style dolls based upon the 70s sci-fi classic show The Six Million Dollar Man. Now we bring you news of one of the first figures set to be released, a modern-yet-vintage take on the very awesome original Bigfoot toy.

NEWS: Xenotron Work In Progress Shots

From Ben Spencer, creator of Galaxxor come these work-in-progress shots of his newest creation, Xenotron: Techno-Organic Alien Mecha.

No word on when we can expect to see this companion piece to the Monster Hunter Robo but - as Ben himself admits - the Xenotron sculpt still needs some fine-tuning, so don't expect to see him for a while yet.

NEWS: Marvel Universe MMO Character Renders

Marvel Universe is the upcoming Massive Multiplayer Online game that allows players to step into the spandex of some of the mightiest heroes in the Marvel canon. Although details of the game - currently under development by Gazillion Entertainment - are pretty scant at the moment, Marvel has shared a number of character visualisation renders with us, which you can view after the jump.

NEWS: Paul Kaiju's Designer Con Resin Figures

From mentalist monster-maker Paul Kaiju - via Toybot Studios - comes this sneak-peek at his Designer Con 2011 pieces. No word yet on the pricing of the Strawberry Cream Stigmata Armada (pictured above) or his Luftkaiser figures but we'll hopefully learn more ahead of the Con.

NEWS: Mortal Kombat Klassics Figures Spotted In-Store

Spotted by HISS Tank Forum user Jinx723, this pack of Mortal Kombat Klassic Cyber Assassins has just landed at retail. Produced by Jazwares, the three-figure set features Smoke, Cyrax and Sektor and retails at $19.99. Whilst they do look kind of cool, I have to admit I keep getting flashbacks to Jay's Ninja Play Set from the Atomic Martians Cheapie Awards...

Anyway, if colour-coordinated roboninjas are your thing then you won't want to miss the image gallery at The ToyArk.

NEWS: Sucktalk Episode 2

Jeremyriad continue their series of ongoing interviews with The Sucklord, who - if you didn't already know - is currently appearing as a contestant on Bravo TV's Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist, with Sucktalk Episode 2.

Note that this edition of Sucktalk references the events of last week's episode and may contain spoilers.

NEWS: Latest Releases From Diamond Select Toys

Want to know what's coming this week from Diamond Select Toys? Then read on!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NEWS: Round 2's ''1 Run Of Fun'' Model Kits

For kids that grew-up in the 60s and 70s who were fans of the outre, monster model kits were a big deal. Now you can see why for yourself, as Round 2 brings back the freaky fun of monster model-making with a limited-run of re-issued classic kits they're calling the ''1 Run of Fun'' line.

NEWS: Diamond Select's Universal Monsters Exclusive Legacy Series

''As they were meant to be - in black and white!''

This three-figure pack from Diamond Select Toys features black and white (well, technically shades of grey) renditions of three of Universal's most popular monsters - the Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Wolfman and The Mummy - and will be available exclusively from online retailers Redford Films and Hastings.

SPONSORED LINK: Doctor Who ''City Of Death'' Collector Set

The Fourth Doctor adventure, ''City Of Death'' stands as an absolute high point in Doctor Who's broadcast history. Featuring a superb time-twisting story line, a great villain, a genuinely funny Douglas Adams-penned script and Tom Baker reveling in his Doctorishness, the Doctor Who Discontinuity Guide sums it up perfectly: ''Just when you think it can't get any better, John bloody Cleese appears.''

Now Big Bad Toy Store has this very cool two-figure set featuring the Doctor and Count Scarlioni/Scaroth. The former includes the Doctor's trademark scarf and Sonic Screwdriver, with Count Scarlioni featuring an interchangeable Scaroth head.

NEWS: U of MUSCLE-Exclusive OMFG Pack

The awesome M.U.S.C.L.E.-themed site, U of M.U.S.C.L.E. is now taking Pre-orders on an exclusive colourway of the Kickstarter fan project, the Outlandish Mini Figure Guys - OMFG.

Created by members of the October Toys Forums, the OMFG Series 1 figures are a throwback to the rubbery-plastic Keshi-style toys like M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster In My Pocket. Now U Of M.U.S.C.L.E. has an exclusive colourway set available- featuring all five figures for just $15 - which you can Pre-order now from their online store.

NEWS: GI Joe Collectors' Club-Exclusive: Iron Klaw

The GI Joe Collectors' Club has released the first images of the latest addition to the subscriber-only line-up of figures for 2011-2012. From the short-lived GI Joe Extreme comes the  Leader of S.K.A.R., Iron Klaw.

Iron Klaw will be available only to those members of the GI Joe Collectors' Club who opt-in for the additional Figure Subscription Service and joins Grunt, Footloose, Dial-Tone, the Nano BAT, Quarrel and Dice in the club-exclusive roster of figures set to be released over the next year.

NEWS: AMC Renews The Walking Dead For Third Season

AMC has announced plans for a third Season of their hugely popular zombie show, The Walking Dead.

NEWS: Ask DST #142

Diamond Select Toys is fast becoming one of my favourite toy manufacturers. Not only do they produce some very cool toys but they also seem remarkably open and willing to engage with their fanbase.

Here's one such example in the form of the latest edition of Ask DST, where the company answers their fans' queries and requests on such diverse topics as upcoming Marvel Select figures, delays to release of the Minimates Knight Rider KITT vehicle set and more.

VIDEO VIEW: The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra Performs ''This Is Gallifrey/Vale Decem''

I thought the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra - a collection of musical Doctor Who fans united in their love of the show and Murray Gold's compositions - had achieved something wonderful with their rendition of ''I Am The Doctor'' but, as the above video shows, these guys continue to surprise and delight.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NEWS: Miscreant Plaque #3

And in a quick follow-up to our earlier post, here's a teaser image of Miscreant Plaque #3 from Gorilla Mouth's Troy Stith.

NEWS: Troy Stith Munnyworld Teaser

Gorilla Mouth's Troy Stith has just Tweeted this intriguing image of his upcoming Munnyworld Series, set to be revealed at Designer Con 2011.

Expect to see more on this very soon...

NEWS: Seismic Centurions From Adam Pratt Art

Adam Pratt - formerly of Halfbad Toyz - has a limited number of the Halfbad/Smash Tokyo Toys collaboration piece the Seismic Centurion available for sale over at the Adam Pratt Art Online Store.

Available in two colourways - ''Ice'' (pictured) and ''Blue'' - and retailing at $16 each, these releases are slight-seconds and may contain minor imperfections.

NEWS: Harry Potter Movies To Vanish From Shelves

Fans of the Harry Potter franchise who've yet to complete their DVD or Blu-Ray collection may want to rectify that very soon, as Warner Bros has announced that from December 29th they'll no longer be releasing copies of the movies to retail.

In a strategy similar to that employed by Disney, Warner Bros has instead announced plans to periodically re-release the movies, presumably emulating Disney's approach of  creating Collector/Anniversary Editions, available only for a limited period.

Digital and On Demand releases will remain unaffected.

NEWS: Diamond Select's Captain America Contest

To celebrate the Blu-Ray and DVD release of Captain America: The First Avenger Diamond Select Toys is offering you the chance to win a line of very cool tie-in toys.

NEWS: Ultimate Unison Star Wars Han Solo

Set for release June 2012, this Ultimate Unison Star Wars Han Solo 12'' figure from Medicom and Enterbay features an assortment of interchangeable accessories, allowing you to recreate the intergalactic scoundrel's look from both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Check out the image gallery after the jump.

NEWS: UME Toys Sticker Pack On Sale Now

UK-based UME Toys has just released this very cool sticker pack.

Containing five laminated character stickers, the pack retails at 3.50 GBP - about $5.25 or so, depending on currency rates, exchange fees and the phase of the moon - and is available now from their online store.

NEWS: ThunderCats Returns Friday - With An Old Friend Or Two...

The rather awesome reboot of 80s classic animation The ThunderCats returns to the Cartoon Network this Friday. And fans of the original are in for an added treat...

NEWS: NiStuff's Anomalies Reviewed At

It's hard enough missing out on Cons such as the New York Comic Con. But when I see stuff like these awesome Anomalies over at, it makes it doubly so.

NEWS: Something In The Water

Aired as part of BBC Radio 4's All The Dark Corners supernatural drama slot, Paul (Doctor Who, Stormwatch, Demon Knights) Cornell's Something In The Water is a tale of superstition versus reason, faith versus atheism and man versus... well, that would be telling.

The audio drama is available now to both UK and overseas listeners courtesy of the BBC's iPlayer. Just act fast though, as today is your last chance to hear this chilling tale before it's taken down.

Monday, October 24, 2011

SPONSORED LINK: Marvel Minimates Wave 43

Now you too can recreate the events of the Sin Eater story line with this eight-figure wave of Marvel Minimates from Diamond Select Toys.

Featuring Spider-Man, Daredevil, Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson, The Sin Eater, Jean DeWolff and two SHIELD Agents (including a rare variant) the entire Wave is available to Pre-Order from Big Bad Toy Store for just $29.99.

REVIEW: Marvel Universe's Darkhawk

Produced by Hasbro | Released September 2011

As a teenage boy, Chris Powell discovered an amulet that transferred his consciousness into the armored body of DARKHAWK. Granted enhanced strength, flight and powerful energy blasts, Chris devoted his new abilities to the fight against evil. Though he is not invulnerable, any damage he suffers as DARKHAWK is easily repaired in the transition back to his human form.

NEWS: oOMoSOo's Snot Beast V.3

oOMoSOo has posted the latest image of his upcoming release, the V.3 Snot Beast.

Limited to just FIVE pieces (thanks to a ''grumpy mold'' that split during production), the V.3 Snot Beasts will be hand-painted with individual paintwork and available soon for the incredibly low price of just $15 each.

We'll bring you more when we have it.

NEWS: ''Butty'' Kickstarter

Spanky Stokes brings us news of Butty, a Kickstarter-funded vinyl toy project from artist Pantelis Nikolaides.

Standing at around 5'' tall and featuring four points of articulation, Butty can be yours for a pledge of $35, which you can donate at the Butty Kickstarter page.

VIDEO VIEW: Marvel Universe's Magneto and Iceman Review

Jason from Atomic Martians brings us this video review of the Marvel Universe Series 3 Magneto and Iceman figures.

Figure-quality aside, I have mixed feelings about this latest Wave, as I already own every single character appearing in this release. Granted, some are older bucks or alternative-costume versions but that still doesn't take away from the fact that this Wave really holds nothing new for me. On the plus-side though, it means I can save my cash for the upcoming GI Joe figures...

NEWS: New Glyan Drop Available Now

So we're a day late bringing you this launch news - and some of the pieces may be gone by the time you get to read this - but Onell Design's latest drop of Glyans, Sincroids and Gendrones is available in their online store now.

Featuring an assortment of new Glyan colourways, new bonus parts and a restock of Glyos Axis Joints, there's a fantastic range of figures and accessories available right now, including the very cool (and pictured above) glow-in-the-dark Phaseon Spectre, which retails at just $6.

If you've always wondered about the Glyos figure line, then now's the time to pull the trigger, as this latest wave looks fantastic.

NEWS: Slime Ape From Butcher Brand

Rar! The Slime Ape is coming go get you!

VIDEO VIEW: Atomic Martians Toy Reviews Episode 45

Following a brief hiatus last week, Atomic Martians Toy Reviews is back with a new episode.

This week the 6'' Lord of Asgard Thor and 10'' Adventure Time action figures get the Atomic Martians treatment, along with the usual quasi-drunken, foul-mouthed toy-related shenanigans.

NEWS: The Punisher - The Fox TV Show

ABC Studios - not content with developing on-going Hulk, Cloak & Dagger and Alias Jessica Jones TV shows - has turned its attention to one-note vigilante, The Punisher.

SITE NEWS: New Update Schedule

Following our earlier ''semi-hiatus'' this month, we've decided to change the way we post updates to That Figures. 

From today, we'll be posting a updates five days a week, Monday to Friday. However, there will be no  new posts over the weekend, unless there's a special event such as a launch or other breaking news that can't wait until Monday.

So if you don't see any updates over the weekend, now you know why!

NEWS: GI Joe Waves 3 and 4 Carded Images

Feast your eyes on this wodge of GI Joe-goodness!

Friday, October 21, 2011

NEWS: GI Joe Collectors' Club Reveals Figure #4

The GI Joe Collectors' Club has revealed the fourth figure in their subscriber-only club roster, Grunt.

NEWS: First World of Warcraft Mega Blok Figure Revealed

As we reported earlier this year, Mega Brands has partnered with Massive Multiplayer Online Game developer Blizzard to design and release a line of World of Warcraft Mega Blok figures.

Now ahead of this year's BlizzCon - the annual developer-hosted event for fans of their games - comes the reveal of the first Mega Bloks World of Warcraft figure.  The mini-figure of Thrall - a pivotal figure in World of Warcraft's lore - is only available to attendees of this year's BlizzCon but it certainly gives an idea as to what to expect when the ''regular'' figures hit retail.

You can see more at Tomopop, along with a preview of the other Con-exclusive goodies.
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